Jersey Climate Action Network (J-CAN) Facebook page

Guernsey Climate Action Network is our sister organisation in the Channel Islands. G-CAN aims to promote sustainable activities and businesses in Guernsey.

The GreenHouse Jersey's first one-stop eco-shop stocking a wide selection of organic, natural, eco-friendly and ethical personal and household products.

Jersey in Peril are very concerned about acidification of the oceans, as well as local pollution caused by our own incinerator waste among other things.

The Jersey One World Group aims to increase understanding of the economic, social, political and environmental forces that shape our lives, and works towards a just, sustainable and peaceful world.

The Jersey Organic Association has 20 years of environmental education and campaigning behind it in Jersey. It campaigns on many aspects of food and farming as well as offering advice and support on various aspects of organic gardening, farming and living.

Durrell The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has been saving species from extinction for fifty years.

has a wide range of lands and properties within their care. They safeguard these sites for the benefit of the island as well as organise events and campaigns.


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