No Fracking in Jersey

The unpublished letter

The unpublished JEP letter

The revelation

While it was known we have some shales rocks in Jersey, no one really imagined that fracking would be coming here. It was a shock to many when the local ITV station reported an exclusive on the 4th February 2014 "Islands welcome the frackers". There had been no indication, no debate in the States , no public consultation. Even the JCAN chair, Mark Forskitt, who was interviewed in the piece and described the idea as insanity, had no idea of the possibility until the interview. The first the people of Jersey knew of this was something looking like a fait accompli : our 'betters' on the Council of Ministers were interested in the taxation possibilities and that was good enough to open the back door to the frackers.

The response

Within 24 hours there was a facbook group up and running with over 500 likes . You can find it at No fracking in Jersey . You can contact the organisers at too.

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